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Typical A4 NCR Pad Print Prices

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  • Page size: A4 (210mm wide x 297mm tall)
  • Inks: Single colour (black or spot colour) – Parts printed same image, one sided
  • Finish: 50 or 100 sets in pads
  • Delivery: UK mainland delivery included
Quantity 2 part NCR sheet
3 part NCR sheet
100 sets £59 £60
250 sets £65 £70
500 sets £75 £88
1000 sets £98 £120
5000 sets £275 £375

NCR Print Overview

How NCR print works

This specially coated paper is almost magic as it allows what you write on the top copy to be legible and simultaneously reproduced on the second, third or further copies below. But how does NCR paper work?

Taking a two-part set as an example, the top sheet has a Coating on the Back (the paper is specified as ‘CB’) and the bottom sheet has a Coating on the Front (‘CF’), and when placed together and impacted (using a pen or dot matrix printer), the two surfaces react and produce an image. If the sheets are upside down or collated the wrong way round the process doesn’t work. If you have a three-part (or greater) set the middle sheet(s) are Coated on the Front and Back (‘CFB’).

What does NCR stand for?

Some people claim that NCR paper stands for No Carbon Required paper whilst others prefer Non-Carbon Reproducing Paper. Either way NCR print is a useful product in certain situations where multiple copies are required for filing or to satisfy legal or financial obligations.

NCR copies are very thin

Not many people know that typically NCR paper is around 70 grammes per square metre (gsm)and for punch cards, machine dockets or weighbridge endorsable records, this would be too thin to work in the machinery. Fortunately a back sheet (CF) is available in 170gsm in white and cream (or can be printed in any colour with a wash).

Desensitising Areas of your NCR page

It may be that you don’t want all the information transferred down through the NCR sheets. We can desensitise any shape or area of the page, by applying a colourless “ink” on the CFB or CF sheet to prevent reproduction. So some details e.g. customer’s address can be on all sheets, and some details, e.g. amount of deposit paid, need not.

NCR print can be supplied in books or loose

Many of the products we produce as NCR print are either glued or made up into loose sets. One further property of the coatings on the front and/or back of the NCR sheets is that “fan-apart” glue only binds the coatings together, not the uncoated sides of the sheets. So if you have a stack of finished sets and apply the special glue to them, they will only stick together in e.g. pairs and the bottom of one set won’t stick to the top of the next set down, allowing you to fan apart the stack of paper.

Binding NCR sets

There are commonly three ways of binding NCR print

  • fan apart or loose sets
  • glued pads
  • stapled books

Having looked at the first of these, I will draw a distinction between the second two. The simple glued pad finish is probably the most popular, and this allows each sheet, both top and bottom (and middle, if present) to be removed from the pad, from top to bottom.

This system is not usually compatible with a set containing perforations as the force required to burst or split the perforation will usually also remove the set from its glued edge. However, numbered sets are often glued in this way, with the back (file) copy being removed and stored each time the pad is used.


Stapled books are the NCR print product you need if you wish to leave the back copy in the book for reference or archival storage. Typically the top sheets are perforated and the last on is left in or left “fast”.

What our clients say…

On behalf of the Essex Spartans A.F.O., we cannot recommend Fulprint highly enough. Their service is exceptional, the staff friendly and helpful, and their pricing structure is incredibly competitive. Thanks to all the staff at Fulprint and their extremely rapid turnaround of our order, we were able to keep to a very tight deadline, and the end result is a fantastic product we are truly proud of as an organisation. We will always use Fulprint as our first choice for printing requirements in future.

Steve Watson
Essex Spartans A.F.O.

Payment and delivery

We offer account facilities, payment by card, BACS, CHAPS or IBAN, and can deliver anywhere in the world. Contact us to find out more.

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