Designing a DL folded leaflet.

A traditional DL folded leaflet may seem like a simple thing to design, but in order to achieve a ‘perfect fold’ you need to make sure you have measured your panels correctly!

An A4 sheet of paper, at 297mm, needs to be folded into three parts; three panels measuring 100mm, 100mm and 97mm (left to right), as shown in the image below.

IMG_5873 2

As the right-most panel folds over to tuck into the fold between the first two panels, it is convenient for this panel to be slightly smaller to avoid it bending when you fold the leaflet shut.


When designing the other side of your leaflet, the three panels will need to be 97mm, 100mm, 100mm (left to right). This ensures the folds match up when you print on both sides of the A4 sheet. (See image below.)

IMG_5872 2

Another important thing to consider is the margins on your leaflet. To avoid your words and images looking askew on the page, or even creeping over to the adjacent panel, add a 10mm border round the edges of each panel (- don’t forget the centre panel!).

So the borders go (from left to right) 10mm / 20mm / 20mm / 10mm

When you have finished creating the design for both sides of your A4 sheet, they can be printed back-to-back on one sheet and folded neatly.


  1. It’s important to keep in mind the measurements of folded leafltet, as you mentioned. That way you can make sure the content that is being printed wont overlap the folds. I think that also applies to inserts as well. My brother is in the printing business and he talks to me about this all the time. He says it makes it look a lot cleaner if the folds are where they are supposed to be. Thanks for the great information.

  2. Thanks for posting! There is nothing worse than spending money getting 100s of leaflets or brochures printed and then realising they don’t fold together properly. It can look very unprofessional and untrustworthy, sending bad signals to customers.

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