4 Tips That Ensure You Get A Top Quality Printing Service

As a business owner or senior decision maker in your organisation it is up to you to ensure you get the best value printing service. This doesn’t mean cheap printing – it means you want to get good value for money.

But how do you get top quality printing whilst not blowing your marketing budget?

The key is to have a good idea about what you want while still being flexible enough to adapt your print campaign.

A good printer should be able to advise you on the most cost-effective way to achieve the results you are after so it’s a good idea to go with a company that can talk to you about the options available.

However, these 4 tips should help point you in the right direction before you begin your search for the perfect printer:

1. Customer service

The business you choose should be always open to communicating with you, discussing your project and making any alterations that you think are necessary. The service should offer proofs before printing. A printing service that is responsive to your needs and is prompt in responding to your questions is always a good choice.

In short, beware automated websites and stick to dealing with real people. Here at Fulprint we have a friendly and helpful team that love to hear from their customers. If you have any questions why not contact us!

2. Turnaround time

If the printing company delays delivery, it could create a lot of inconvenience for you. It could be very irksome, especially if it sets back the schedule of your marketing campaign. Before choosing a printer, ask them about the company’s speed of production. Also ask previous customers about the company’s turnaround time so that you can be sure about their delivery speed. After all it is best to double-check any claims made by the company with current clients to ensure they are accurate.

We are open and honest about or turnaround time here at Fulprint.

3. Delivery

You can save a lot of time and effort by choosing a service the delivers the printed material to your door. Every online printing service offers home delivery however, check how much the company charges for it. If you choose a local printer, it is still important to check if they do home delivery. This will give you an indication of the quality of services, their flexibility and efficiency.

Fulprint offers a wide variety of delivery options for local, national, and international customers. From local delivery by bike through to international delivery by courier we can satisfy every budget.

4. Cost

Cost is always important so that you don’t end up exceeding your budget. Often clients get quotes from a variety of printers but make the mistake of simply comparing the headline price. They forget to check that the print quality is the same, that other add-ons are included in the fee, and that the quantity is the same. Don’t make the same mistake and make sure you compare like with like by getting each company to quote on the exact same thing and get an all in price including all the extras.

Most important of all, cost is just one of 4 very important factors covered here – so make sure that you judge each printer on the overall printing service they provide not just price.

Here at Fulprint we provide competitive prices with a fantastic service. Why not order some free samples and see what we are capable of?



  1. Hi Bob,

    I just found your blog and must say that I like it. Your four points are spot on and something we try to educate our (potential) customers on as well as a lot of them look at price only. It is the overall package and the fine print that can make a huge difference.

    Thanks for a great article. I will check in again soon to read more of your blogs.

  2. Jason Hill says:

    This is great. The only time I’ve used a printing service for an important product was for a class at a university. Hundreds of other students came in for a similar reason and the company new exactly what to do. However, in common circumstance, this probably is not the case. It will be key, like you said, to effectively communicate and brainstorm together with the printer how to best accomplish the desired outcome for your project.

  3. Delores Lyon says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips on getting a good quality printing service. I agree that customer service is a really important part of a printing service. Working with a service that is “always open to communicating with you” is definitely easier than working with one that doesn’t! Also, the speed and quality of the printing is another indicator that the printing service is a good one.

  4. I completely agree that good customer service very important. Businesses and consumers alike should work closely with professional printers to ensure they gain the best results possible.

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