I need to send you my work for print; why does it need to be a PDF?

When creating your print-ready document to send to us for printing, remember to save your work as a PDF file; certain file types, such as word documents can suffer formatting issues when opened in different versions of Microsoft Word. (Images and text boxes jump around on the page and generally misbehave.) To ensure the file we are printing is exactly the same as the print you are hoping to receive, we recommend you convert your file into a PDF.

How do I convert to a PDF file?

When saving your work (after finishing your design), the programme being used (e.g. Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) may give you the option of saving your work in a particular file format. A drop down menu may give you a list of options, PDF being one of them.

cute pdf 3

Another simple method, and one which we recommend to customers who are unable to ‘save as’ a particular file type, is a piece of software called ‘CutePDF Writer’. The software can be found at http://www.cutepdf.com/products/cutepdf/writer.asp

cute pdf 1

When you have downloaded and installed the software, CutePDF Writer will be listed with your installed devices and printers. It is used the same way as your printer. For example, when saving a Word document as a PDF with CutePDF Writer, instead of clicking ‘save as’, you click on ‘print’. You then select ‘CutePDF Writer’ in your list of printers, and click ‘print’ – which will save your document as a PDF (it will not print this off).

 cute pdf 2

Now I have a PDF file, how do I send it over?

If you have ever tried to send a large pdf file to someone attached to an email, you may have found that your email did not get sent. You may have received a notification telling you that your email is too large, or “exceeds the maximum file size”. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are relying on that email to carry the pdf document over to the recipient.

When working with customers, we frequently have to pass pdf files back and forth via email, and more often than not, these are large artwork files. For some, Dropbox is a great alternative – you just upload your file to your dropbox account and email a downloadable link for your recipient to download from the web; however this isn’t always a preferred option, so we like to advise the use of SmallPDF!


Found at http://smallpdf.com/compress-pdf, this online service compresses files dramatically for convenient email transfer. We uploaded our 2.75MB Xerox Instruction Manual, and SmallPDF compressed the file to 1.12MB! This site is also great if you want to convert your file types; it can turn Microsoft Office’s Word and Excel files into PDFs, JPEG image files into PDFs, or even PDFs into JPEG image files! Next time you need to send us a large file that exceeds your email carrier’s maximum file size, follow the link above, drag and drop your PDF file into the box, and see what SmallPDF can do for you!

smallpdf 1smallpdf 2


If you have any further questions about file formats and sizes, please let us know!

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